Lab Reports  

The lab report uses a similar format throughout the year.   The five parts are described below.  


Problem:  The problem is the essential question the activity is attempting to answer or illustrate.   The problem often comes from the "Interactions" text book.  


Prediction / Hypothesis:   When an independent variable is tested students will be asked to compose a standard hypothesis.  Typically the activity does not have an independent variable and we will only make predictions for the results.

Materials:  This is a list of all the materials that are used in the activity.  

Procedure:  We often refer to the text for the procedure, However when the activity is self designed we write a step by step procedure. 

Data:   Data is always reported in a data table or graphically.

Conclusion:  Your conclusion will always start with an OP Topic Sentence or one of the other "Step UP To Writing" sentence stems.  The topic sentence is where you first attempt to answer the "problem". 

 The body of the conclusion always provides evidence or "E's."  These are typically numbers (#) taken from the data table on your lab or the combined class results.  You use these numbers to support your topic sentence.

Your concluding statement is where you first want to answer the "problem," then go on to explain the results.  Based on the information you gathered can you describe the behavior of the materials.  This is the "Why."


Sample Lab

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