IPM 8th Grade Sciece
Room 202
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Physical Science this year develops a number of physics and chemistry topics.  You will be looking at the world around you by experimenting, collecting evidence, and evaluating your results within small groups of your peers.  These investigations will help you develop your own ideas of how the natural world works.


InterActions in Physical Science is not a typical science textbook.  The curriculum is more a detailed lab manual that introduces a series of lab activities that provide a path to discover several of the classic principles in physical science and chemistry. 


Exploring Physical Science is used as a supplementary reading resource.  The text is kept at home and periodic readings introduce the historical context for lab activities or is used to provide background to help with the formulation of conclusions from the lab work.

     Grades are based on the following percentages 
lab and classwork                     25 %
tests/quizzes                            60 %
homework                                15 %
The best way for you to get the most out of this class is to attend class regularly and actively participate in the prelab discussions, lab work, and post lab activities.  When questions arise start by asking your lab partners for clarification during the lab, or raise your concerns during the post lab summary.  Homework readings contribute greatly to your background knowledge and help frame your lab work.  In addition to class participation you can prepare for quizzes and test using the InterActions web site and the concept maps /guides that will be distributed in class.  Your notebook will also be the primary resource for your success.

The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom

Isaac Asimov


8th Grade Science Classroom Expectations 


Expectations.docx Expectations.docx
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 Syllabus 2014

HMS Course Syllabus_Draft (1).doc HMS Course Syllabus_Draft (1).doc
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